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25 years experience 

12 years for exports experience 150 employee perfect production line  More than 2000 square meter workshop Fashion Design Capabilities OEM & ODM women's Boots,Loafers,running shoes for women Service  Afford Free Sample 

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we produce in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system and through more than 25 years of the quality inspection team to ensure that products, reach high standards. We always listen carefully to all clients to ensure that each requirement has met.

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At the end of 2003, the casual shoes for women Rungoo brand was awarded the honorary certificate and bronze medal of "National Footwear Commodity Quality Integrity Unit" awarded by the Technology and Quality Department of the Business Federation.


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Our mission is to realize your ideas, provide what you need, and turn your ideas into reality.
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Free samples

1. Customer advises ideas, afford draft design drawings or sample, include materials, color, logo, style, and other specifications.


2. Package design and details with the clients.


3. Make a shoe sample according to the customer sample request or draft design drawings. Confirm with the customer.

4. Make a quotation after confirm shoes and package, sign the contract and arrange the production.


1.Ten thousands of ready-made styles that are suitable for various markets are available for purchase.

2.Place your logo on insole, tag, hand tag, box or other parts.


We're working on products to improve foot health (like orthopaedic insoles, bunions, etc.)and custom services as well.

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Rungoo shoes Co,ltd was founded in 2008, which located in Quanzhou. We specialize in manufacturing various types of shoes, such as casual shoes for women, sandal shoes women, women's Boots, women's loafers, running shoes for women, .etc, with more than 25-year experience in the shoe production field and professional service team. With more than 70 workers in our 2000 square meter factory, our monthly output up to 30,000 pairs. About 95% of our purchasers are from Russian, America, Europe, North America, Africa, the Middleeast, etc.

We have introduced a kind of advanced equipment including an automatic sewing machine, automatic toe lasting machine, automatic counter lasting machine. We welcome OEM and ODM orders. To establish long-term business relationships with our customers, we produce in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system and through more than 25 years of the quality inspection team to ensure that products reach high standards. We always listen carefully to all clients to ensure that each requirement has met.

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Focusing on foot health since 1998
COVID-2019,we will overcome the difficulties

The COVID-2019 had caused a significant impact on the global economy, and the shoe industry is also facing a huge test. The supply of raw materials has created a series of chain effects. In essence, forced shutdown of factories, unsuccessful delivery of orders, customer loss, and difficulty in returning funds, and other problems in the […]

From Shoes retailers to trade shows:

From China Shoes Net, Concerns about the Novel coronavirus pneumonia have become the main topic of interest to companies recently. Professionals say that the outbreak of this disease may seriously disrupt the supply chain and long-term damage profits. Major international brands such as Nike, H & M and Adidas have to close some stores in […]

maintenance knowledge for running shoes

Before introducing maintenance knowledge, we need to have a correct understanding of running shoes. Many people think that so expensive to buy a pair of running shoes, it must wear to the point of decay, but in fact, it is not. The life of a running shoe as a “running shoe” depends on many factors. […]

How to choose a pair of shoes suitable for you?

No matter what sport you play, the shoes you wear are essential. When running, we need to carefully choose which shoes to wear for running, because a right running shoe can bring the runner a sense of relaxed pleasure. When you decide to run, you might think of buying a pair of running shoes. Don’t […]

Choose running shoes accord with foot type

Before choosing the right running shoes for yourself, you need to have a clear idea of your foot type and pace. The human foot usually has a typically curved arch called an arch. When doing a wet footprint test, you leave a gap in the middle of the footprint. According to the size of the […]

Maintenance tips for women boot

I:First, regular cleaning 1. Use a sheepskin brush to comb the outside of the boots: clean up large pieces of dust attached to the outside of the women’s boots. 2. Wet the outside of the boots: Wet a clean cloth, twist out too much water, and then gently wipe the outside of the women’s boots. […]