Analysis of the development trend of Chinese casual shoes: the future will become the dominant position of footwear

As the world’s largest producer of casual shoes, China has more than 10,000 casual shoe manufacturers located in Guangdong, Fujian, and Zhejiang, mostly local private enterprises. They are more sensitive to market changes and design trends, and they gradually realize that the key to improving market competitiveness is excellent service.

Unlike formal leather shoes and sports shoes, casual shoes cover a wide range and can fall into three categories: walking/comfort shoes, sandals/clogs, casual boots, including ballet shoes, slippers, boat shoes, lace-up shoes, Short boots, etc.

The concept of leisure is more and more important in our lives, showing people’s pursuit of freedom of life and the chase of nature. The leisure market includes leisure life, pure leisure, and stylish leisure. In recent years, the leisure market has grown by leaps and bounds, and the leisure industry has spawned many leisure brands represented by clothing, shoes and hats. The philosophy and pursuit of the brand. It is leading the fashion forefront of casual clothing. At the same time, it also occupied most of the market share of casual wear in the market. Just look at the advertisement for CCTV. The results of casual wear are mouth-watering!

On the other hand, formal suit brands, mainly suits, are also changing quietly. The market for casual shoes and casual clothes is enormous, no doubt! Because this is an important part of a relaxed life, he will become as dominant as casual clothes in the next 3 to 5 years. In the shoe industry!

The sales volume of casual shoes has increased dramatically year by year, and significant shoe factories are devoting effort to devour this piece of cheese. From the perspective of the brand background, the current casual shoe brands in the market are roughly falls into three categories: international brands, domestic brands and extended brands. Global brands are constrained by the purchasing power of customers and are still in the “cake making” phase of collaborative competition. They are not eager to expand fully, but focus on the strength of product and image power, and focus on nurturing customer loyalty among the wealthy. Occupy well-known shopping malls in domestic first-class cities; local brands refer to domestic professional, casual shoe manufacturers. They focus on trade and OEM, and local trade is second. The current local trade market has also received their attention. Therefore, many casual shoe manufacturers also perform well in the domestic trade market, casual shoe series is derived from brand names such as traditional leather shoes, sports shoes and the clothing industry; they share resources and combine the extension of the brand series products to make the brand products more productive. It plays “1 + 1” 2, of course, there are many brands that Did not reach the desired market.