Choose different casual shoes in various places

If you visit sites of interest or go to the seaside, you can choose sports sandals or casual shoes; if you go mountain climbing, rock climbing or field adventure, it is best to select sports and leisure with large soles, firm grip, non-slip and wear-resistant shoe. Comfort is definitely the first priority, and then it is shock resistance + grip + non-slip + warmth. Generally speaking, you can choose sports sandals or casual shoes when going to tropical rain forests or islands for water sports and land visits. When going to the urban area, it recommended wearing ordinary flat casual shoes when visiting or shopping. If you are going to mountain areas and you are mainly engaged in outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, running or jungle adventure, it is best to choose sports shoes with large soles, firm grip, non-slip and wear-resistant. If you want to reduce the impact of feet and the ground when walking, the key is the design of the sole. In terms of “shock absorption”, thick rubber-soled shoes are much better than thin leather-soled shoes. If the shock resistance of the footwear is not excellent, it may easily cause foot discomfort and cause pain. At present, a lot of profession casual shoes already have air cushion design, which can effectively reduce the impact. The one-piece design conforms to human mechanics, which can fully relax the feet, even if you travel a long distance, you don’t feel tired. It suggested that you may compare it when buying, the most important thing is to try it on and let your feet score it by yourself.

How to dress Casual shoes for women for various activities:  a. Shopping: general clothing + casual sho b. Outing trips: windproof jacket + multifunctional outdoor sports shoes or casual sandals. c. Snow: snow jacket + waterproof boots or snow boots. d. Jungle, swamp Ground: Waterproof jacket + sports sandals or sailing shoes. e. Rock climbing, fishing: windproof vest + multifunctional outdoor sports shoes. f. Selection principles: lightweight, drop resistance, and complete accessories.

Colourful casual shoes Spring and summer have always been white, sports and retro style, and white is highly position. Each brand has launched white sports shoes, leather shoes, casual sports shoes and other designs. Although there are also milky white, off-white and different colours, it is still mainly white. Relax sports shoes launched a variety of “Hyun” colour series, such as fuchsia, grass green, goose yellow and so on. NIKE’s Valentine’s Edition is red, and a rose painted on the heel. However, the most dazzling color is gold. Pure gold running shoes will not be unfamiliar to sports fans. Like Nike, they have carefully created golden running shoes for Michael Johnson and Liu Xiang. The whole pair of shoes is like a golden saint with gold armour, which is quite kingly. PUMA, which has always followed the Latin route, has also launched extremely bright golden running shoes, which are compact and wearable. The days when solid-coloured casual sports shoes dominated and two-coloured or multi-coloured casual sports shoes are also popular with consumers. Different colour schemes show different styles: pink and black match gently and calmly; black and the white colour shows a distinct personality; the pink and black colours are lively and cute.Besides, casual sports shoes also launched several “special” styles for various consumer groups.For example, the “leisure and elegant” type is characterized by replacing the brightest warm colours with soft pastel colours. The “magic phantom” type adds a little young modern flavour to the original luxury; the “bright and warm” type is crystal clear. The transparent light colour highlights a dazzling tone. The “natural freshness” type uses blue and natural green full of dynamic and wisdom to let people feel the “return to nature” leisure and relaxation. In general, casual sneakers are bright and bold in colour. They changed the dull glow of sneakers and casual shoes in the past, red, white, blue, yellow, black and other colours.  Based on retaining the traditional two-colour stripe combination, it is further expanded — multi-colour, multi-form matching.Specific changes reflect: Simple and beautiful: the near-white lines of different shades is the important tone, revealing a simple and beautiful style.Fiery contradiction: The combination of orange and orange-red will form a different combination; navy blue, grey silver and other fiery colours constitute this theme, reminiscent of the red, yellow, green bars.Exquisite feeling: The green system will be further enhanced in brightness and purity to emphasize the delicate feel of vision and touch. And gold and silver will become more important embellishments, making the material more metallic.Infinite tension: In 2008, the casual colour of casual sports shoes has black and white. The purest colour has endless anxiety.Pure elegance: Red, orange, pink, white, and gold are the mainstream of women’s casual sports shoes. While highlighting the feminine beauty, it also shows pure elegance.