History of women’s Loafers and development

With the continuous development of the fashion circle, the lazy wind is becoming more and more popular, really for our lazy people. The word women’s loafers evolved from Mueller shoes.

It dates back to the 16th century when people wore shoes called patten, which shaped like wooden clogs, the forerunners of muller’s shoes, but at that time patten was exaggerated in height, but only to avoid the dirt and dirt in the street.

Later, after continuous evolution, in the 18th century, Muller shoes were trendy and not so exaggerated. Muller shoes are mean to be high heels that cover the instep and show no toes but only the heel, but as the trend has evolved, there have been variations on the toe, flat heel, pointed toe and so on, but the heel is a requirement.

The American girl described by Gil Elvgren, a famous illustrator before World War II, has the characteristics of the Golden Age. He seems to have a crush on Mueller shoes. Perhaps he did not think that these paintings would promote another large-scale popularity of Mueller shoes.

Later, the goddess Marilyn Monroe also wore Muller shoes. The first Muller shoes that Monroe wore were mainly furry styles, and gradually transitioned to everyday, simple black and white colour, slightly square toe, The thick heel that emphasizes the sense of strength has given Muller shoes a neutral temperament.

Since Monroe, when people talk about Muller shoes, they have become popular this season. Especially on the 2019 summer show, various styles of women’s loafers shoes abound!