Maintenance and use of casual shoes for women.

1. We need to buy suitable shoes. It is necessary to feel comfortable, natural, and not greedy for the style and price. Forcibly wearing casual shoes that are slightly inappropriate, for a long time, not only the shoes are easy to deform, but also not suitable for the feet development.

2. After the shoe surface is dirty, you can wipe it gently with soft cotton cloth, water or detergent. And let the shoe air dry. After the upper is particularly wet, the shoes should be placed in a cool place to dry. Avoid prolonged direct sunlight or high-temperature baking, so as not to cause ageing, deformation and discolouration.

3. Avoid contact with sharp objects and corrosive liquids.

4. Casual shoes should be used exclusively for shoes. Some shoes belong to casual shoes but can not for intense sports.

5. Please prepare more than two pairs of shoes to replace; because shoes also need to take turns to rest.

6, cloth shoes can be regularly sprayed with waterproof, anti-fouling spray to maintain the upper.

7, the use of low-quality shoe polish, often soaked in water, exposed to the sun, the fire will make the shoes deformed, mesh surface break and clear glue.

Fourth, maintenance and use of casual leather shoes.

1. Scrub, tan, brown, and other lacquered leather workers must avoid water and shoe polish. Use a shoe brush or white rubber glue to wipe off the stains gently. The discolouration of dyed leather is normal, light-coloured socks.

2. The velvet material should be protected from water and shoe polish and cleaned with a soft shoe brush.

3, patent leather shoes, open-edge leather shoes can not be cleaned and maintained with a shoe brush or shoe polish, only use a soft dry cloth to wipe the dirt gently.

4, shoes with leather uppers should be removed from the shoe polish to ensure leather flexibility. White soft leather with white liquid shoe polish, it is not suitable to use creamy shoe polish. Coloured cowhide can use in the same paste or liquid shoe polish as the skin colour.

5, artificial leather shoes can be washed with water, dry the upper after cleaning.

6. Brushes on frosted leather can use to brush the dust in the same direction.