maintenance knowledge for running shoes

Before introducing maintenance knowledge, we need to have a correct understanding of running shoes. Many people think that so expensive to buy a pair of running shoes, it must wear to the point of decay, but in fact, it is not. The life of a running shoe as a “running shoe” depends on many factors.

  1. The service life of a pair of genuine running shoes is generally between 500 and 800km. The specific situation needs to judge according to each person’s weight, gait, arch and running field.
  2. The easiest way to determine the life of a running shoe: when the outside of your heel is mostly worn out and starts to affect grip and skid resistance, it’s time to switch shoes.
  3. Running shoes vary in type and life span: generally speaking, running shoes with higher grades last longer; The longer a single run, the shorter the running shoe’s life. The more complex the running track, the quicker the running shoe’s life. Proper usage is the best maintenance

To maximize the experience of a running shoe, follow the shoe’s lead

  1. Do not wear running shoes for a long time in a high-temperature environment which can age the sole materials. Most raw materials of the boots are synthetic polymer materials. The upper is mostly polyester nylon mesh cloth and non-woven base artificial leather, and the sole makes of rubber or rubber foaming materials).
  2. Don’t wear regular running shoes for strenuous activities like soccer.
  3. Cherish life, do not wear road running shoes to cross-country.
  4. Ideally, you should only wear your running shoes underground. The plastic track is far more effective than you might think.
  5. Keep any running shoes away from sharp objects.
  6. If possible, prepare two pairs of running shoes for alternate use.

How to clean your running shoes?

  1. Often wear running shoes must pay attention to cleaning and maintenance. Stains on surfaces can wipe with a towel detergent, rinsed with water and dried in the shade. (regular cleaning keeps the shoes looking good for a long time.)
  2. Running shoes worn for some time should be thoroughly cleaned inside and outside. Do not soak for a long time while washing running shoes. Do not use a rough steel brush to remove them vigorously. Do not use heating drying or direct sunlight drying, so as not to cause fading, cracking and other serious consequences.
  3. After insoles take out to clean alone, can pad paper towel to absorb water to accelerate moisture to evaporate.
  4. Never, ever put your running shoes into a washing machine!
  5. If you want to keep a running shoe looks good and works well for a long time, try to minimize the number of “big washes”.
  6. Running shoes that have not worn for a long time should be put into shoe stays after being scrubbed clean and stored in dust-proof cabinets.