Maintenance tips for women boot

I:First, regular cleaning

1. Use a sheepskin brush to comb the outside of the boots: clean up large pieces of dust attached to the outside of the women’s boots.

2. Wet the outside of the boots: Wet a clean cloth, twist out too much water, and then gently wipe the outside of the women’s boots.

3. Squeeze a small amount of detergent on a wet sponge: In the best case, you should use a product designed to clean sheepskin boots. If not, make it yourself! Mix water with pure white vinegar 1: 1.

4, wipe the detergent on the boots with a sponge: wipe from top to bottom, wipe more parts with more dirt for a while. Remember to move gently, because sheepskin and leather are very hard-wearing and will wear out if you apply too much force.

5. Rinse: Put the boots under the faucet to rinse quickly. If the rinse time is too long, the leather will be damaged. You can also wipe with a clean, damp cloth.

II.Cleaning specific stains

1. Use chalk to remove greasy stains: If you accidentally splash oil on snowshoes, it is best to remove them immediately and away from heat sources, because the stains will become firmer in high-temperature places. Use a piece of white chalk (or corn starch, talcum powder) to absorb the oil. Pat it gently. Leave the boots overnight and let the chalk absorb the greasy stains. The next morning, wipe off the chalk, and the oily stains should have disappeared. You can clean the boots in the usual way.

2. Use an eraser to remove dust and salt: If you have powder and salt on your boots, you should first use a sheepskin brush to brush off large pieces of dirt, and then use an eraser (like a pencil) to wipe off the dirt gently. Moisten the soil with water. Use a moist sponge to wipe the stain gently. Wipe off the detergent with a clean wet sponge, and then dry the boots naturally.

3. Remove the water point: The water point is straightforward to remove, fold the boot, and then let the other part of the boot surface contact the water point, wipe it gently, and the water point disappears.

4, comb the wool parts to remove debris: turn the boots upside down, and use a wide-tooth comb to brush the wool parts on the women’s boots, so that you can comb out the dust fragments wrapped in the wool. The upside-down is to prevent dust from getting into the women’s boots.

5. Remove the odour with baking soda: The inside of snow boots often has a bad smell due to sweating. You can sprinkle some baking soda into your shoes. Cover the mouth of the boot with your hand, then shake it to sprinkle the baking soda evenly inside the boot. Leave the women boots overnight, then turn the baking soda over. If you don’t mind, you can add some essential oil to the baking soda to add some fragrance to the boots.

Tips for cleaning snow boots in different colours

5.3.1:White snow boots for women

1. White snow women’s boots uppers: Remember, use white toothpaste + water + soft brush + dry naturally! Sure, the coloured ingredients on other detergents or washing powders will stain it, so the toothpaste is best, the white one !!!

2. White boots: Take care of the method, such as washing the shoes in water, soaking them at about 80%, and pay attention to setting the shoes; otherwise they will be very wrinkled, which is usually fine.

3. White snow boots fur: use colourless and transparent washing liquid + clear water + knead + gently twist off the water + natural air drying, when 80% dry, you can use the hair + small comb to comb the hair to shape it, and then naturally Just dry

5.3.2:Light snow women’s boots

1, light colour (camel, grey, beige, pink, sky blue, etc.), if it is not a particular stain, ordinary water + soft brush + natural dry immediately! For special stains, please use transparent washing liquid + soft brush + natural drying;

2. Light-coloured boots. Take care of the shoe uppers. Please do not use too much force to deform the shoes when they are wringing out. Please pay attention to the shape when they are dry to 80%. Washing in the water is not so troublesome, the upper of the brushes dry quickly.

3, light snow boots fur, care methods such as white snow boots fur.

III. Dark snow boots

1, dark (brown or brown, black, red, etc.) upper: refer to the light color for the care method, but be careful not to use detergents containing bleaching ingredients

2, dark boots: refer to the light color for care methods. Be careful not to use detergents containing bleaching ingredients.

3, dark snow boots fur: care method refer to light color, be careful not to use detergents containing bleaching ingredients.

IV. Snow women’s boots care method:

1. Use cold or warm water to wet the boots of the snow boots, but do not soak them too much. It is imperative not to use hot water to wash because that will reduce the stickiness of the shoe sole rubber and damage the natural elasticity of the leather, which will cause the open sole and shrunk body.

2. The correct cleaning method is to use a clean sponge brush or soft bristle brush to thoroughly and evenly scrub the entire surface of the shoe body. You can also use a fine-bristled toothbrush to help with the cleaning process. Once the shoes have been washed and washed, put the snow boots in the washing machine and spin dry for a few minutes to remove excess water from the women’s boots.

3. The snow boots need to be left to dry naturally. Remember not to use a dryer to dry or expose the shoes to the hot sun. When drying, please place the soles upwards and invert the entire shoe body. The shoes will dry entirely within one or two days. You will notice that once the shoes are completely dry, the shoe body will shrink a little, don’t worry, this is normal. After wearing it for more than one hour, the shoes will return to the warm and comfortable feeling they used to wear, and more importantly, the boots become clean and beautiful!

4. The clean boots after washing and drying can be used with CGM waterproof spray to strengthen the boots water resistance. Once the women boots have fully cared for maintaining, you can use a special fluff care brush gently brush the surface of the shoe body in one direction to help restore the natural and smooth texture of the natural down on the suede surface.

If you follow the correct care methods mentioned above, women’s boots can maintain their useful life for several years.