Maintenance Tips of Sandals for women shoes

Cleaning Tips

The stains on the leather shoe uppers cannot wipe with a wet cloth, nor can it be immersed in water. Otherwise, it will destroy the lustre on the surface of the shoe, and it will also make the leather hard and deformed.

For the light-coloured leather sandal, use a soft cloth dipped in the same colour of shoe polish and wiped it gently. Shoe polish should not be applied too thickly, because shoe polish has absolute volatility, if used too much, it can easily cause the upper to dry out over time. Besides, it is best to apply some lard before storage to keep the surface soft and moist and not easily deformed.

For smooth leather sandals for women, wipe off the stain with a dry cloth and apply some shoe polish.

For suede sandals for women, use sandpaper to gently rub the stains and keep the suede upright before storing.

Hemp rope platform sandals for women:

The bottom of the hemp rope is more susceptible to dust, but it cannot be washed with water, otherwise it will affect the appearance. You can adjust the hair dryer to a cold windshield, and then blow it around the bottom of the hemp rope, blow off the dust and then brush it again with a small soft brush.

Straw mat platform sandals for women:

After wearing, you can use a clean rag to soak in water, wipe off the dust on the woven straw mat around the base, and dry it.

Leather or PU platform sandals for women

Use the corresponding shoe polish on the leather surface during the care, and use a soft shoe brush to brush the shoe surface evenly gently, then wipe it back and forth a few times with a clean cloth to make the leather surface brighter and more textured.

Cloth sandals for women:

Although it is a cloth material, it cannot be wash with water. If there is a slight oil stain, you can use a small amount of detergent for tableware and fruits, and then wring it with a rag soaked in water; it will help. If the cloth surface has foaming and delamination after cleaning, you can use an iron for ironing at about 80 ° C. Cover the upper with a white cloth and metal it for 5 to 10 seconds. It can recover. Please do not immediately repair it. Wear, because the curing time of the glue in the cloth needs more than 1 hour.

Patent sandals for women:

First use a clean, soft cloth to wipe the dirt and other stains on the shoe. Then use two parts of detergent, one part of alcohol and 50 parts of water to prepare a cleaning solution. After soaking in the cloth, wipe the shoe back and forth without too much force. After the shoes are allowed to air dry, wipe them with a soft cloth soaked in water and place them in a ventilated place to air dry.


The first one is sticky, and it feels like matte paper to the touch. The second one is sequins. No matter which one, it is likely to fall as long as it is wet, so you can only use it or use a small clean towel with water. Wet, wipe a little dirty place with a bit of silky hair.The other style should not be scrub with cotton. Sequins will leave cotton wool. Just wipe it with a piece of polyester cloth. It can also be moistened with water, but not too much.


This suede is a very troublesome kind of leather. It would be best if careful consideration before buying. It is easy to sweat and not suitable for rainy days.

If there is dirt, also use a shoe brush to wipe off the dust on the surface of the shoe, and then use an eraser (it say that there is a special eraser to wipe the suede) to push the dirt evenly to remove the dust gently. Direction can make the texture go smooth, the damage will reduce, and the detergency will be improved. Also, the mall has special suede detergents to buy.


Do not use washing powder and soap. The washing powder will lose colour and turn yellow after washing. You can use toothpaste to find a toothbrush. The softer the hair, the better. Dip in the toothpaste and scrub gently. After brushing, wipe off the sewage. After wiping it, use a paper towel to apply water to press the cleaned part. After brushing, don’t bask in the sun, fade like that, put it in a dark place and let it air dry. If it’s a white canvas, you need to put a layer of paper towel on the upper to dry it; it won’t turn yellow.

Satin Face:

Many of the more high-end shoes with dresses are mostly satin and silk. The high-level cloth is not recommended to do any action, only be careful when wearing. If you want to deal with it, the best way is to use an eraser, but there will be some crumbs. Never use a brush, but use a magic wand to use the electrostatic principle to remove debris. Besides, satin shoes should not be exposed to the sun and will fade.

Patent leather:

Patent leather shoes must not wipe shoe polish. You only need to gently wipe the surface of the shoes with a soft dry cloth. Because the patent leather is waterproof, it is not easy to stain with water and other stains. As long as you gently remove the dust on the shoes, the shoes will Instantly shine like new. You can also use hand cream to polish your shoes! Note that the surface of the patent leather is coated with a light layer, so the shoe cloth should be as soft as possible (such as the cloth for the computer screen); otherwise there will be scratches. Patent leather shoes should not be exposed to the sun; otherwise, it will be prone to yellowing, leather cracking and ageing. Patent leather shoes are not breathable and are easy to breed bacteria, so it is best to wear them every other day.

Mirror Sheepskin & Sheepskin:

Leather is the most commonly divided into cowhide and sheepskin. Sheepskin leather is soft and comfortable to wear. However, it is not easy to take care of, and it is difficult to wipe off some dirty things. The other materials mentioned above, such as using an eraser or toothpaste, are excellent.


If your feet are prone to sweat, it is not suitable to wear plastic film shoes, canvas or leather are more suitable because the breathability is excellent. Many MMs wear plastic on rainy days, so they are more likely to get dirty. Use an old toothbrush to apply a small amount of cleansing and gently scrub. Do not use force. The toothbrush must also be an old one with soft bristles; otherwise, it will easily damage plastic shoes. After repeated brushing a few times, the plastic shoes will become completely new and return to their original appearance.

Net surface:

This kind of shoes can be regarded as “noble shoes”, except for gently wiping with a cloth, only be careful when wearing it! Summary: In addition to the maintenance and cleaning methods of various materials introduced above, usually you should pay attention not to wear the same pair of shoes for several days in a row. The shoes also need to breathe and breathe. After you wear them, clean them in time. Then put the shoe braces and protective bags into the shoes. Box, such a program is complete.

Good mould and moisture treatment

It is better for storage after the sandals shoes for women should by an air dry. If you have mildew spots, you can use a soft cloth or soft brush to remove the mildew spots and make up the shoe polish in time. Put some moisture-proofing agent in the shoe box. Otherwise, after the shoes are stored, mould will grow from the damp when the shoes are damp, and the mould spores will diffuse into the air, which will cause indoor air pollution and easily cause diseases such as athlete’s foot.

Proper storage to prevent deformation

To prevent deforming the shape of sandals shoes, it is best to support the shoes and put them in the shoebox. The shoe box should be put in a cool place away from heating and light, and should not be extruding. An insufficient number of shoeboxes, try to keep sandals for women in different grids to prevent shoe deformation.