Material craft and Style of casual shoes for women

Style of casual shoes

The most basic requirements of casual sports shoes are comfort, lightness and personality. Therefore, protection and functionality will still be the two main characteristics emphasized by casual sports shoes. The design is characterized by a combination of retro and trendy, which will be more expansive in style, highlighting the streamlined dynamic. Men’s casual sports shoes are more rational, elegant and generous, smooth and straightforward. Women’s casual sports shoes pursue comfort, elegance and solemnity, with little change in shape.

In terms of style, the lines are simple and floating, lyrical and light, but at the same time, it gives people undulating pleasure. On the whole, it is developing towards simplicity. Simplicity is the main principle of this casual winter shoes. Its development trend is to emphasize comfortable and romantic styles, smooth and even vision, mixed-use of various materials and easy to put on and take off the structural design. Men’s casual shoes emphasize natural innocence, and sneakers and boots are mainstream styles to meet the needs of outdoor activities. The colour will use a large number of primary colours in harmony with nature is the main principle of this casual winter shoes. Its development trend is to emphasize comfortable and romantic styles, smooth and even vision.

Opposition reflects tension, and contradiction reflects perfection. The two blend again and match, bringing elegance in simplicity. On the fashion stage of casual sneakers, a large area of ​​asymmetrical frills are layered, and casual canvas edging makes this season even more dazzling.

Sports wind blows and blows, and it always blows, and fashion is becoming a trend. Because of the success of the 2008 Olympic Games, many international brands have launched Olympic-style leisure sports models. The upper and sole lines have a strong running and sprinting charm, lively, brisk and very dynamic.

It’s always nostalgic; it’s time to innovate. “Futurism” will be a significant trend, such as the creation of sneakers. Sneakers are sneakers, but sneakers are leather, and the material of sneakers is more yuan. At the cultural level, sneakers have become somewhat detached from sports and are clearly labelled as fashionable.

The contour line design of the upper and sole shows a diversified trend, fully expressing the emotions of romance, leisure, relaxation, liveliness and jumping.

Material of casual shoes

Casual sports shoes have also been innovative in terms of materials.

Types of UV-resistant fabrics include imported microfiber fabrics, leather, nylon fabrics, suede, suede, etc. It will replace the previous single canvas surface, famous colour canvas such as camouflage, leopard print, pink and so on make the casual sports shoe market colourful.

Besides, some new materials infused with technological elements, such as nano anti-mildew antibacterial lining series, midsole series, sandwich mesh series, etc., also make the casual sports shoes have some new health functions and functions.

Craft of casual shoes

Under normal circumstances, double lines used to increase the thickness of the line, which appears rough and commanding; when the lines are dense, the single track is better, which can increase the flexibility of the tracks.

Mostly used in the tongue, eyebrows, back cover, sideways and other positions. Computer embroidery, in addition to inheriting the several previous kinds of decoration in terms of shape, colour, texture and other changes, the change in gloss is the most prominent. The colour of the embroidery thread is also exceptionally natural and pleasing, which makes the embroidery product beautiful and attractive. It also improves the taste and value of casual shoes.

It can make the lines look smooth, neat and smooth, which not only improves the strength but also highlights the outline of the parts. Most of the printing commonly used for casual sports shoes is screen printing. The operation is simple, and the cost is low. In addition to changing the shape, it is more important to enrich the variety of casual sports shoes through colour changes. One style can be equipped with multiple colours.

It is a decorative method that cuts thermoplastic material by applying pressure through a heated mould, and “welds” it to help the part while generating a colour relief pattern. This process is also simple and economical decoration method, which has shape changes, colour changes, three-dimensional change, and gloss changes. The decorative parts are bright and dazzling, more vivid than the printed effect.