Materials Details of women boots


Crumpled from top to bottom. The beauty of smoothness and neatness is boring. Designers are obsessed with irregular folds. What they want is the inherent unpleasantness, uncompromising rebelliousness and decadence of folds. Once the folds and boots are combined, it adds a bit of willfulness, a bit of wildness, and also increases the three-dimensional feel of the women boot. Once this pleated boot has put on, it immediately gives a strong visual impact and is unforgettable.

Tip 1: This unusual boot shape is very “picking”. If it is not a woman with a very modern look and a very slender figure, it recommended not to try it casually.


Furry looks warm

In the fashion industry, the coat is hot and red, causing all the clothes to be riveted and to have a relationship with the jacket. Hats, tops, skirts, bags, and fur follow suit. Of course, the boots were unwilling to fall behind and pulled the wool for embellishment. The boot, of course, refused to be left behind. The amount of furry fur is not much, either in the boot on the top edge of a circle, or give the boot a “ten” word, or become two small groups, very “Q” hanging on the sides of the boot. It feels silky and warm visually.

Tip 2: The fun is that the fur, known initially as a classical luxury, was put on the boots, but it looks modern and full of personality. It has personality in everyday environments, and it is not polite on solemn occasions. It is a versatile boot.


Reminiscent of overalls

If you like a Latin-style crush, you must not miss the most representative detail of the zipper. The hot copper or silver zipper became part of the boot body decoration, reminiscent of military jackets or overalls, and the wild taste came out. Some boots arrange four or five zippers of different lengths together and then match them with pure colours to make them look naughty and not messy.

Tip 3: Pay attention to cuties with thicker calves. It is best to abandon the stiff, overly rough style of the leather. It will emphasize your shortcomings.


The rundown from the denim

The rivet has initially been an exclusive partner for denim. Decorate on boots

Rivets, due to their shiny effect and metallic texture, enrich the appearance of shoes and add a rough aesthetics.

Tip 4: It is more eye-catching. It is better to be cautious if the calf is not well-formed. It is not wise to attract the eyes of others to the leg.

4.5:Hollow out

Dew point skin shows off sexy and charming

Digging a heart-shaped hole in the boot, or exposing a large piece of straps, these details make the overall simple boots very delicate. Imagine the beautiful girl who came face to face, because of the small variables on the shoes, can leave all the way sexy and charming.

Tip 5: Since the design of the boots has changed a lot, it is best to choose a single and pure colour in color, it is more practical, and there is no chance to wear it if you buy it too complicated.