Tips on women’s loaers shoe maintenance

Some little knowledge about shoes: 1. No matter where the shoes rub on your feet, cover your shoes with a wet towel for a few minutes and tap them with a hammer to ease or solve the pain of your feet. Tap lightly, do n’t knock. 2. Press the left, right and right hand of the man, measure the length of his hand, multiply the number of millimetres by 1.33, which is the length of his feet, which is also the origin of Chinese shoe sizes.

Essential shoes maintenance supplies: 1.The necessary supplies for maintaining shoes once a week are shoe brushes, cleaning oil, shoe polish, cloth, waterproof spray, and so on. It is best to use a horsehair shoe brush. There are at least two brushes in the shoe. 2.Shoe polish should match the shoe colour, brown shoes with brown shoe polish, black with black shoe polish. When shoe polish does not match the nature of cleansing oil, it is unlikely that the shoe will change colour, so the first time you wipe new shoes, clean it from an inconspicuous place. 3.Light leather, matte leather maintenance: best wear above 10 degrees Celsius, so that the coating is not easy to crack. The surface treatment is best with white or colourless shoe cream, especially not with oily brightener; otherwise, the layer will fall off. 4.Serpentine cowhide maintenance: You can use shoe cream or water-based brightener for care. Do not use oily brightener to prevent hardening. 5.Maintenance of butter and discoloured oil skin: Pay attention to waterproof and anti-fouling when wearing. It recommended taking care of leather clothing or sofa cleaner. 6.Maintenance of pattern sheepskin and plaid sheepskin: Do not use brighteners during care, apply better colourless premium shoe milk. However, the amount of shoe milk should not be too much, the application should be even, the skin colour will be slightly deeper after treatment, but the shoe milk recovers as it is after volatilization. If the colour becomes slightly darker, it is normal.
7.Stained sheepskin maintenance: Stained sheepskin is a normal phenomenon of natural discolouration when wearing, it will not fall off in a large area, but it is easy to cause local severe discolouration when not careful.
8.Can’t be worn continuously for a long time; avoid rain and wipe with wet cloth, if it comes in contact with oil stains, stains, it is easy to partially discolor when washing. When cleaning, you can wipe the shoes with a clean cloth to maintain the colour of the leather surface, and then Put the inner stopper paper in the ventilated place for 1 hour, and then return to the shoe box after dehumidifying naturally;
9.Do not take care of brighteners, which will cause whitening and wrinkling of the skin. It recommended using colourless shoe polish. Lightly apply and rub during care to restore gloss.
10Maintenance of flat patent leather and wrinkled patent leather: The surface dust can be gently wiped with a clean wet cloth (preferably without dripping water), and can also treat with leather cleaner or cleaning cream, but not with brightener or shoe cream. Brighteners can cause fake coatings to fall off, shoe cream can cause the upper to wrinkle, and it is best to wear patent leather above 10 degrees Celsius.
11.Maintenance of water-dyed leather and waxed leather: Water-dyed leather and waxed leather are uncoated leather materials, which quickly absorb water and stains. Pay attention to the water or other stains when selling. When wearing, use a shoe cream to take care of, avoid rain, wipe dust when not wearing, keep the brightness of the shoe upper, and prevent mildew.
12.Maintenance of dark-skinned sheepskin: The care of dark-skinned sheepskin is relatively simple; you can use better shoe milk and shoe cream.

To sum up:No matter what material the shoes are, we take care of; they can be as new as when we bought it. It is necessary to prepare more pairs of shoes on weekdays. It will help us take better care of our shoes.