What material is suitable for sole of sandals shoes womens

1.natural leather:

The sole is mainly cowhide. The sole is usually cowhide, with a thickness of 4-6m / m. The cowhide is a relatively fine leather fibre, but it can only last for about six months, and the price is the first. Good elasticity, can reduce impact without fatigue, and absorb wet fluorine during ventilation. At the same time, it easy to process, and the state of punishment is easy to show. The only drawback is more heavy.

2.PVC soles:

It can fall into injection PVC bottom hand-made bottom, easy to slip and not wear-resistant, the hand-made base is not easy to shape, lack of salt in form, the most significant advantage is that it can be mass-produced.

3. EVA soles: Easy to process, not wear-resistant and oil-resistant.

4. Rubber bottom: heavyweight, not resistant to oil. When moulding the bottom, the bonding surface must be roughened, which is easy to shorten when heated. The colours are inconsistent.

5. Raw rubber sole: heavy, heavy-duty, not resistant to oil and heat. Easily discoloured.

6. Wooden bottom and cork: Lightweight.

7. PU bottom: lightweight and good elasticity.