How to choose women’s boots

Ankle boots

Boots that are close to the ankle are called ankle boots, which is one of the most common boots in autumn and winter. This length is also the most acceptable to most people. It is better to wear and take off.Such as Chelsea boots and other hot boots in the past two years are all ankle boots. The advantage of ankle boots is that it is warmer than single shoes, and it can also be versatile, whether it is pants or skirt. Ankle boots are more suitable for girls with thick thighs and legs that are not straight. If you wear the same colour of pants and boots, you can also lengthen the leg curve, make your leg shape perfect, and stretch your legs !! If it is ankle boots with a long skirt, it is even more leg problems, the only thing to worry about is height! If you wear ankle boots with loose overalls, it recommended inserting the trousers into the ankle boots to look better! When choosing the style of ankle boots, it is best to choose a form with a smaller ankle closure, which fits the curve of the legs, and the material is slightly stiff. Looks more leg bloated!Socks and boots are good choices. They perfectly fit the curve of the legs and can make the calves look more slender.

Short boots , high ankle boots

Boots and skirts are the most embarrassing when they are half-length or short. Although the length of mid-boots is not very long, the requirements for leg shape are high. The higher the boot, the more test your body. For long-legged elites, mid boots are the first choice for fashion, especially mid boots Martin boots, with hot pants or cropped pants style is handsome and handsome!

However, boots with short legs are not very friendly. They are not as common as boots and women are not as feminine as boots. They are more challenging to match. If you want to wear middle boots, it recommended choosing the length in the middle of the calf. It is just the calf belly, which makes the calf look more slender, which is very practical for girls with thick legs.For the fabric, it is recommended to choose smooth and stiff. If the material is too soft, it is easy to pile up, and the calves look thicker.

knee boots,cowboy boots,thigh boots

Every girl owns one of Knee boots/cowboy boots/thigh boots or long boots because looking at the invincible leg length! It can also protect the legs from the cold wind erosion, and the missing method of wearing the lower garment is a stylish manifestation! Just over the knees and boots and bare legs make many short-legged girls flinch.

Many people may think that cowboy boots may only be the benefit of long-legged girls, but in fact, small girls are also suitable, as long as you choose the right style and length.

After wearing the same 62 cm long boots, the little girl seems to have no legs in the book sword, so this length is too long for the little girl. And when changing to shoes with a height of 52 cm, the little girl was just right, showing a thigh over the knee, which was super long. And when changing to shoes with a length of 52 cm, the little girl was just right, showing a thigh over the knee, which was super long. If you are also a short girl, you can choose this length of boots. When trying, you must keep in mind that over-the-knee boots should fit the curve of the legs, and they should not be too tight or too loose. At the same length, suede is thinner than stiff leather.