casual shoes

1. Leather cleaning: Wet the sneakers first, and then use a soft brush to clean the dirt. After the water, use a cloth or thick paper towel to dry. After stabilizing the shoe shape, let it air dry, but avoid direct sunlight. Net cleaning: Use a towel or cloth to fill up the shoes (the shoes must be fully stuffed and tightly packed), and use the excellent dishcloth to cover the collar. You can easily wipe the dirty net. Then, use a small watering can spray the net surface clean. Inside of the shoes will not be wet because there is a towel to absorb moisture. Because dyed natural leather may transfer the colour onto the shoelaces, you should take special care when cleaning the seam position of the two.

2. Dry the insoles with the toes facing downwards in a ventilated place.

3, when the shoes are dry, the use of shoe braces will help the shoes return to their original shape; or the shoes will be stuffed waster papers. Papers serve two purposes, not only helping to restore their unique shape but also quickly absorbing moisture from shoes.

4. With the toe facing down and the sole facing the wall, dry at a ventilated place at room temperature to prevent water from entering the midsole foam material. (Because foam material is not easy to dry, it is recommended not to lay wet shoes flat.)

5. After the shoes are dry, please take out the newspaper and let them dry for a while.

6. Excessive direct sunlight, hot air from a hairdryer and improper care methods will reduce the service life of shoes.

7, before wearing shoes, it is best to put them in a ventilated place for a day that the shoes have sufficient time to dry.

8. It can be wash by hand. It is best not to use a washing machine or soak in water.

10.2.Cleaning steps of white casual shoe

At the First, we must prepare some materials: a special detergent for white shoes, a towel, a shoe brush, and a basin.

We soaked the towel first, then wiped the stain on the little white shoes with the wet cloth.

Then use a special cleaner for small white shoes to spray on the stains of little white shoes, and then gently brush with a hairbrush.

Then we wipe the wiped white shoes with clean toilet paper, and then wrap the white shoes for women with a piece of paper and dry them, or apply some baking soda to dry.

Casual shoes for women are a type of footwear, the main feature is a simple and comfortable design concept to meet people is daily wear needs. The concept, connotation and function of casual shoes are closely related to this new life ideal and way. People use the shape, brand and connotation of casual shoes to decorate themselves and show themselves, to obtain an aesthetic pleasure and symbolic spiritual satisfaction.

Leisure is a living state and a way of life pursued by modern people, and it is a particular expression of modern culture in contemporary life. Relaxation often becomes a fashion symbol in present people iss lives, covering all aspects of life, such as walking, sports and fitness, tourism, shopping, and so on.  Tries to please yourself and enjoy a colourful life, leisure has become one of the indispensable indicators of living and quality of life that modern people seek.

From the perspective of use, casual shoes should have both practical and aesthetic essential functions. The lack of either will seriously affect the usability of casual shoes. Rational functions are the premise of casual shoes. Aesthetic and symbolic services are essential extensions of casual shoes. Features. As casual shoes conform to the thirst for leisure life in the fast pace of the speed economy era, they will become a popular theme in the future. People  is values and aesthetics have also become increasingly personalized and diversified with the rapid changes in society and the economy. Comfort, fashion, health, and personality have become the focus and new favourite of people.