women’s loafers

There are mainly five kinds of shoe production processes, which are: glueing process, thermal vulcanization process, injection moulding process, moulding process and sewing process.

1. Footwear glueing technology is currently the most widely used technology in the footwear industry. The advantages of this technology are suitable for various materials, high production efficiency, and ideal for assembly line operations.
Adhesive shoes, for example, the primary process is as follows:

fabric, lining cutting and making help (including sheet edge, folding edge, sewing help, etc.) — making bottom (including all kinds of bottom material shaping, processing, stretching help, etc.) — closing bottom (combined with the base) — drying finalize the design — last — inspection, etc.

2. The heat curing process of shoes and boots has divided into heat curing paste process and heat curing moulding process, the former is more widely used. The technology of hot vulcanized shoes used in the production of rubber shoes such as travel shoes, sports shoes and sportswear shoes.
The primary process of hot vulcanization paste process is upper manufacturing rubber parts manufacturing-moulding-vulcanization-descaling.

3. Injection moulding is a method of making shoes by injection moulding.This kind of craft has applied in the shoe such as travel shoe, athletic shoe, sport type recreational shoe.
The injection moulding process falls into the entire shoe injection moulding process (the upper has made separately) and the sole injection moulding process.
The sole injection moulding process can fall into a single-colour injection moulding process and multi-colour injection moulding process.
The primary process of the injection moulding process first compresses the material in the injection moulding device. Then plasticization (solid plastic turns into fluid), homogenization. The liquid plastic then injected into the cavity of the shoe through the injection channel of the mould.
After cooling, a shaped product has obtained.

4. Moulding technology has widely used in footwear with high requirements for the bonding strength of the sole, such as labour protection shoes, military shoes, etc. The moulding process falls into two types: stretch-moulding and sleeve-moulding. The primary method of the embossing moulding process is to stretch the well-upper upper, after raising, plucking out the original cymbals, and applying adhesive, etc., put it on the aluminium cymbals of the same type of the moulding machine, then put the rubber in the bottom mold. After the mould press is heated and hot melted and pressure is applied downwards, finally the rubber is melted and pressed tightly with the upper at the same time, and the entire process has completed.

5. The sewing process is a traditional shoemaking process. The primary feature of the sewing process is that the upper and bottom combined with individual hemp threads. The sewing process is more complicated, and the technical requirements are relatively high. And techniques, mostly used in the production of high-end leather shoes. The process is not only a process of forming materials into shapes, but the delicate, complete, and complex process can also bring a sense of aesthetics to the user (consumer), that is, there is an aesthetic value.

Loafers are shoe without laces usually, which are convenient to wear frequently,without bending over and tying shoelaces, which saves a lot of trouble for life. At first, shoes for lazy people were designed, but they became hot in the fashion circle. Sales have skyrocketed. What are the comfortable loafers shoe brands? Comfortable loafers brands are almost all luxury brands, and there is an excellent guarantee in quality. Not only that, their cost performance and collection index are also very high, the most popular Slipper shoe brands include Armani, Gucci, Dior, LV and Burberry Burberry and other brands. The design of loafers is very different, which is the main reason people like these brands. Ordinary comfortable loafers also have a variety of different shoe styles, such as beanie shoes, snow women’s boots, canvas shoes, and sponge shoes, which can also satisfy different consumer groups love and purchase desire for loafers. The matching method of lazy shoes is straightforward. Generally, general recreational series and fashionable and handsome style type lazy person shoe can drive almost.